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World Heart Federation roadmap for heart failure

With an estimated 26 million individuals living with heart failure globally [16], the burden of heart failure is felt at every level of health care: for systems and health care workers confronted by greater numbers of ill patients; and for health economies faced with increasing costs associated with heart failure. Social and geographic inequalities add to this burden for those most vulnerable. Despite challenges in the delivery of high-quality care to heart failure patients, there are many examples of successful interventions that have been implemented in various socioeconomic settings that may pave the way for a brighter future for heart failure patients. This WHF Heart Failure Roadmap offers an outline of an ideal continuum of care pathway for heart failure that is relevant across all countries and regions. Specific roadblocks may differ depending on local context. By raising awareness of heart failure among health care professionals and key stakeholders, addressing the inequities of care to patients with heart failure, highlighting common challenges in the delivery of care globally, and bridging the care gap between knowledge and implementation, this Heart Failure Roadmap provides a platform on which to build services that prioritize patients and improve outcomes for heart failure patients.

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